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How to Look for the Perfect Tent

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For a few weeks now, I want to go in the wild alone, without my peanut.

When I say without her, it’s not because I’m mad at her, just because she has a lot of work for UNI, and if I want to continue to discover England, I have to walk alone for the next 2 months.
After that, she’ll enjoy the mud taste with me ;).

I was looking for the perfect tent :

  • Lightweight
  • Spacious
  • Resistant
  • Beautiful
  • Cheap

At first, I was looking for a one person tent. And I found this one :

Gelert Solo Tent (website)

Very cheap (you can find it for less than £30), good on the paper (at least good for summer).

Because of it price, I was sure my peanut would be happy :P

But she reminded me that we were preparing a 4 days walk together in the Lake District, at the end of August, so buying a 1 person tent wasn’t a good idea.

I was then looking for a 2 persons tent, with the same features : Lightweight and Good  Value

My 2 choices were :

vango spectre 200 tent

The Vango spectre 200


coleman avior x2 tent

The Coleman Avior X2

On the paper, there are similar. 2-3 Seasons tents, nearly same weight, just a 4000 mm HH for the Coleman instead of 3000 mm for the Vango.

But … the Coleman tent seemed to be more spacious, and had a 105 Cm head … perfect for my tall peanut. And to be honest, she is more gorgeous …

So let’s have the Coleman … ordering on the Internet is so easy :P

The last website to have the coleman avior X2 in stock was Penroseoutdoor.

I received my tent 2 days after my order, a quick test in the garden :

  • Very easy to pitch up
  • Looks very good for 2 (well, you have to be a 2 couple, not friends ;))
  • Very light

I’ll post photos after my walk this week around Bourton-On-The-Water.

By the way, Penroseoutdoor is very good merchant, responded to my email quickly, and my order arrived very quickly. Not like other outdoor merchants I’ve already tested.