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NetBeans 6.5 Beta Is Out

To develop on Ruby on Rails on my Linux platform, I use to code with NetBeans 6.1.

This editor is absolutely fantastic and powerful. Today the 6.5 is out, it’s just installed on my computer.

All my projects were imported, my config files also (if you have the textmate color plugin, you’ll have color problems ..).

There are some improvement also on the PHP side and the JavaScript side, so lets give a look.

Clik here to see the official announcement and the download page

Edit :

  1. I’ve used it all day since yesterday, and it really rocks. No problems for me, more faster than 6.1 and the PHP/Js support work very well. It’ll replace my aptana for the PHP/(X)HTML/Js/CSS.
  2. I’ve told you there were a problem with netbeans 6.5 and the textmate color plugin. In fact it works well, you just have to reinstall the plugin. You can find this plugin here Huikau texmate plugin color netbeans 6.x.