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Google Chrome Should Be Launched Today

This will be the buzz of the day, announced on the Google Blog, Google is launching their Open Source web browser today, based on Webkit (as Safari).

As every Google products, the idea is to have a product with lots of innovations, but, we can assume a lot of interactions with the existing Google Apps, and the ‘in development’ android applications.

To me, it looks likes a loop. In the first time, you win the battle of search engines to become an incontrovertible actor on the ads market, then you win the online application battle, which is the future of desktop applications, and now you just want to control the enter point to all these stuff, the web browser, the real lastest desktop application.

For the moment, I’ll just give a try to this new Open Source browser, as another software, but you need to be aware off who is doing the application, and why.

__And you what about you ? What do you think about the Google dominance in the web industry ?

Edit : As usual, Linux and OsX users will have to wait, only Windows will be supported for the moment.