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5 Links of the Week

I’ll post every week 5 links from my Google Reader. This can be development, web, geek or design stuff as anything else.

220 Stunning creative skateboard graphics, from Spoongraphics.

Spoongraphics guy’s offer us an amazing selection of skateboard design. As usual on this blog, it’s a good way to find inspiration.

The new peepcode pdf is out as a draft. A must to have if you’re looking to some low pro Js implementation.

Yes, in France we have more than 2 summer day per years :D

Pamela Poole, via WebWorkerDaily made a post on the French way of work during August, I was thinking doing the same for the English ;). But, to be honest, she is completely right.

Crazy gadget found us a laptop case and pillow prototype.

And finally, Smashing magazine offer us the Simplicio Icon Set. And I already know where I’m going to use them.