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Bristol Half Marathon, and What Next ?

For 3 months, I have been training (hard) for this event.

The Bristol Half Marathon is a major event in the city, and a lot of person are used to run it every year.

Because I started running 6 months ago, it was my first race (and for it, I didn’t went in the BathCamp)

My throat has been a bit ill for 1 week, but the race was good, I’ve made the 13,1 Miles in 2H07:11s.

I was expecting under 2 hours, but I’m happy with it. I’ll beat it in March at the Bath Half Marathon :D

So basically, now this race is done, I can concentrate on my online travel planner project. Written on ruby on rails, it’s supposed to be launched before the end of the year.

I’ll prepare the launch page this week, then try to finish the app blog next week.

I’ll also try to take part in the Open Studio Friday. This will make me meet some people and share my application.

I’ll put some Ruby on Rails tutorials which are on the paper for the moment.

And finally try to meet some new people in and around my new town, Bristol. So if you fancy a beer, give me a tweet ;).