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The 2 Projects Launch Week.

A happy week is coming.

Last week I was really busy. A lot of work in my day job, and a lot of work at home on the travelplanner.

I’m now really proud to annonce that Nathalie, my partner, will help me in the launch of the two projects.

What are these 2 projects?

    The first one is a travel planner. The blog and a launch page will be open this week.
This travel planner will help you creating, discovering and sharing you future journeys.
A very cool application, with a mobile and an Iphone access (in preparation).
The blog will be a beautiful blog, with gorgeous travel photos and travel tips, as well as focuses on some travellers

    The second application will be our RailsRumble application. SheepFit.
Just a cool way of not forgetting to take your eyes off the PC (or the MAC) sometimes.
And if you’re very inspired, you’ll also be able create your own stretching programme, and hope for having a lot of persons following you ;)
The blog will be a fun blog, with some cool strench advice, and some tiredness killer tips.

What are going to be the 2 roles?

    I’m a developer, with a geekly nerd view on marketing things. But Nathalie, is a marketing lover. She studied marketing in France, and after worked for 10 month in Lafarge     Plasterboard, she is now looking for a fun job in or around Bristol, Uk. (Take a look to her cv)

    So, Nathalie will be in charge of the Blog and News, and all the marketing/communication stuff.
During the rails rumble, she is going to update the blog, hour by hour, keeping you up-to-date with the state of the application during its creation. Brilliant idea.

    I’ll be in charge of all the technical posts on these blog, and on all the Ruby on Rails development.

How can you help us delivering new cool web apps?

   The first thing you can do is subscribe to this blog RSS (click here)

   The second thing you can do is follow our projects on twitter. We opened the sheepfit twitter account today (Follow Sheepfit)

   The third thing is  spread the word about these applications and blogs ;).

   Thank you very much for your support, we are looking forward to hearing from you on these ideas. The sheepfit blog will be open tonight, stay tuned.