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My Come Back, and Happy New Year

Hi everyone,

I haven’t updated this blog since a while, but I’ll make my best to keep it up-to-date now.

First of all

Well, I now it’s a bit late, but in France it’s not unusual to give our Best Wishes until the end of January, so Happy New Year to everyone.

What’s new ?

Since the last post, we (with Nathalie) had a lot of work.

First, we completely gave up our first idea, developed during the Rails Rumble, the Sheep Fit web application. We weren’t enthusiast by the application so far, so the project is now close.

Sheep Fit is now dead, so long life to Serial Cooking!

What is the Serial Cooking project ?

Currently Serial Cooking is a blog, mainly maintained by Nathalie. This blog is aiming at promote our cool web app, the web app.

Using Ruby on Rails framework, and making some mashup with Flickr, Youtube, Wikipedia and Google Maps, we want to create a real social network around recipes and cooking tips sharing.

If you have some good recipes or good cooking tips to share, it will be possible, and if you just enjoy cooking what other invent, just add recipes into your cooking book and your cooking planner and share your photos.

Simple, isn’t it ?

I invite you to talk about it with us on the Serial Cooking blog.

What about Rails investment ?

In 2009, I wanted to be more invested in the Ruby community. When I started, I had very good help and advice from different blogs or people (Thanks Matt Aimonetti and Nicolas Merouze) so I’ll try to be efficient on the Rails Activism Team this year.

We (with Pete Ferne) also started a Bristol Ruby Group at the end of last year, and I’m managing it as much as I can.

What about NotGeeklyCorrect blog ?

First I started this blog to become a blogger, talk about different things all around the web. But it’s really harder than I was thinking, so I’ll keep this blog up-to-date by posting Ruby of Rails tips, tutorials, and talkingĀ  about my different projects.

I hope you’ll still be there ?

Once again, I wish you allĀ  the best for 2009, and I’ll be back soon.