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After having released, I needed to do something just for me (I work on serialcooking with Nathalie).

This monday, I started a web implementation of Tweetdeck, and even if it’s now finished now, it goes very quickly.

I’ve used twitter_auth, and worked on it only 2 nights currently, but I want to realease it as soon as possible (Before the end of may?).

Here is a screeshot of the actual work


So far, I’ve got the account creation working, the search, the column saving. I’ll work this week end on the group impletation and attack the facebook auth and status display next week.

You can already register to, to be sure to have your token for the beta. is going to be develop with Rails 2.32, HAML, Twitter_auth and Jquery. I’m still looking for the best javascript testing solution. The rest of the test are going to be done with shoulda and factory-girl.

What do you think of the idea? the logo? I’d really like to heard about you.