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Let's Go Cycling ... And Taste a Car!

Accidented bike #6

6 months ago, I decided to change my commute habits, to become greener. My bike became my principal mode of transport. And it’s really pleasant. Even in winter, you fell alive, you arrive earlier to work and at home, your not stuck in traffic. Honestly I didn’t see any inconvenient. Well, I didn’t.

I’d already realized that, sometimes, car drivers doesn’t care about cyclists. They pass us very close, they use cycle lanes or cycle part at red lights. Anyway, not really a big deal, but sometimes it can be more dangerous.

Last Friday (29th of June), a car driver simply didn’t see me, and cut my road. I hit the car back, and fall down.

First, a teenager helps me to stand up, and took my bike to the pavement, the driver took nearly 2 or 3 minutes to came out of her car. When see came out, the first think she said was : “Do you have a mobile phone to call someone?”. Well, under the shock and the pain, I said yes, and took my phone to call my fiancée 3 times. She didn’t respond (hopefully). I tried to move my right shoulder, and completely felt down under the pain. So I asked the driver to call an ambulance or the police. After going to her car taking her phone, she just asked me to call again my fiancée. Nathalie wasn’t here, so she didn’t respond. So the driver just propose me to give me a lift to the hospital (Why bloody why didn’t she wants to call someone).

She wasn’t really in panic, but I don’t know were she had her license. On the way to the hospital, she passes 2 red lights!!!.

She stopped nearly 200 meters before the hospital entrance, and said “I’ll leave you here”. The emergency room is completely the opposite!. I took her phone number, after asking 2 or 3 times, and before she left, I took a reg number.

At the BRI (Bristol Royal Infirmary), I had a very nice doctor, she took care of me, did everything. The results, right collar bone broken, tendons stretched, I’ll not be able to use my arm for 4 weeks as minimum, and really pissed off about the driver attitude.

Since we are in Bristol, it’s my second accident. Last tme we were waiting to cross a road, and hit by a drunk driver in St Augustine Parade.

I think, next time, I’ll probably remove my French flag above my head ;).

So last we I didn’t code at all, I’ll try to do small things this week, but it’s really hard with one hand :(.

Anyway, please, if one day you have an accident, please, take time with the victim, and be human !.