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Nathalie Is Looking for a New Position.

Nathalie‘s (now my fiancee) temporary position has ended last week, and she is looking for a new position in or around Bristol.
Currently working in marketing/web marketing, it’s not the best season/time to search for a new position.
With an average of 1 new job per day, I don’t think she’ll find something quickly.

I’d say that it’s normally a bad news, but this time it might be better than we thought.

Since her graduation, Nathalie always wanted to work in the web industry, That why we created SerialCooking and she was pretty good at managing the blog and the community on this project, but it was missing something: Coding.

She is now learning XHTML/CSS and web standard  to have a better understanding of the whole process. And I must admit she is doing very well, and likes coding. Will she be looking for a Junior Web Developer position soon? Never know ;).

She has a good understanding of technologies, web technologies and social networking.

So if you know someone who know someone with a job opportunity (Every position considered!), please let her know. Thanks a lot.

Here Nathalie Derain, online marketing executive resume in pdf.