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Shutter, a Skitch for Linux

Yesterday, during a meeting I saw one of a mac addict using Skitch. Like every time I saw someone using a good proper Mac Os only tool, I try to find a proper Linux alternative.

Shutter is the Skitch Linux alternative:

Then I found Shutter. Shutter is the Skitch Linux alternative.
To install it on Ubuntu, just download the last version or add the Shutter PPA repository to your sources.


As far as I’ve tested, Shutter is full of goodness. It makes screenshots on Linux easy.

You’ll be able to capture a entire window, or a portion of you desktop. Multiple capture history is supported.
Then you be able to basically edit this image with the built in image editor.
And finally you’ll be able save or upload your screenshot to image sharing website.

I you want to upload your image from Shutter to Flickr, you’ll need to install Postr. Just read Shutter upload to flickr about page to see how easy it is.

I really like when developers come with good solutions for every day problem like this. And definitely Shutter is one of them.