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Tweetcetera Is Live Today!


\o/ \o/ Tweetcetera is now live! After several development weeks, it’s finally out!.

h2. What’s Tweetcetera

Tweetcetera is meant to look similar to Twitter web interface, so that you don’t need to learn how to use a new website. But we have added some nice features, which we felt were missing from the original product.
You won’t find any big revolutionary feature but we believe that big changes can come from small differences. To see what we mean by ‘small differences’, have a look at the details below. And if you’re still not convinced, try it and we promise you’ll never go back to using Twitter web interface (or so we hope!).

h2. .. In 3 words?

Twitter stupidly easy!

h2. Give it a try

To really release Tweetcetera power, you have to use it, for 1 hour, and you’ll be convince. Please feel free to add any comment or feedbacks to develop it on the right direction.