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What's New on Tweetcetera

Last week has been a pretty busy week, but I was able to put some time on Tweetcetera.

Appart for some little bug correction, here are the major update that have been done this week

Realtime update in title and tab bar

When Tweetcetera refresh your tweets, it display a little notification on your page displaying the number of new tweets.


Now it also display this number in your title bar and in you tab bar if you’re using a tabbed browser. That’s really convenient as you don’t need to go back to the page to view is their are updates in your network.

Real time count down

Tweetcetera now display a count down before the next auto update of your timeline, user timeline or search results.


So you now exactly when it’s going to be refreshed.

Follow cost

Tweetcetera is now using the Followcost api to display the number of average tweets/day and the number of tweets replied on a user page.


These indications, combined to the “mentioning” sidebar section, give you all the informations you need to decide if you’ll follow a user or not.

What’s next?

Next week I’ll be working on list implementation, and usernames auto completion. Please if you want to see any features, just drop me a message or comment on the getsatisfaction page or on this blog post.