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I Want to Make 2010 Really Exciting

I’m just back from 10 days holidays in France. Catching up with family and friends was really good, but what I really enjoyed was my disconnection for all development/web platform during these 10 days.
It’s always a good way, at the end of the year, to do a little retrospective on his work/life and give the new year a fresh start.

2009 was a really busy and exciting year

While I was looking back on what happened in 2009 I found that:

  • I moved 2 times.

  • I had 1 bike accident. 2009 was a cycling year for me. I started to cycle everytime, everywhere to ditch the car. In mid year I had an accident with a broken colar bone in results. I spent nearly 3 weeks out of work. It was a really bad time.

  • I’m now engaged. This is a result of the bike accident :D.

  • I launched 3 web app. In the beginning of the year I launched Serialcooking, which is now closed but the blog is still alive. Then in September I launched Tweetcetera, an easy web twitter client. Finally in December I launched Howgoodismyfood.

  • I moved to full time freelance. This is the big change this year, and a big challenge as well as my network, in England, is not as big as it was in France.

So basically 2009 was a really good year, and I’ll work on make 2010 even better.

Make 2010 better and more exciting than 2009

  • My first decision in 2010 is to discontinue the Serialcooking web application (we’ll keep the blog alive). It was supposed to be redo from scratch (because I made a lot of UI mistakes), but finally it’s going to take a lot of time and effort, and in 2010 I really want to concentrate myself on my freelance activity.
  • I’ll blog more as well. This is going to be result of the previous decision. I’ll have more time to update this blog and to create tutorials and smaller apps.
  • Embrace this f* social media**: I’ll try to be proactive on Linkedin, facebook and Twitter.
  • I’ll do my best to attend at a minimum of 1 network/conference event a month.
  • Run the Bath half marathon
  • Release at least 3 plugins/gems: I’ve got some code in the cardboard that I need to clean up before releasing, but I’ll do it

The most important one

Find some interesting work!

As some might know I’m a workaholic, I just love coding, crafting websites, applications. So if you have any project in preparation, do not hesitate to contact me for a chat.