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RailsRumble Tonight

So tonight is RailsRumble night.

It’s going to be my 3rd participation to the contest, and all my ammo are ready

RailsRumble, all my ammo

The rules

The rules are really simple: Create the best application you can, in 48 Hours.
From scratch, including server configuration and deployment. You are allowed to work on any project you want, the code as to be done in Ruby, but you are not allowed to work on any digital assets, tests, user stories, logo … before the competition starts.
And organisers are tracking the teams on Github.

Competition starts at 00:00 GMT, so it’s Saturday 1am here in Bristol.

Why the hell would you work for 48 Hours, on a week end!

It’s a recurring question, every time I mention the Rails Rumble.

To be honest the last 2 years, my projects where more toys than anything else. The kind of project you do and ditch when the competition is over.

But it’s still a real challenge to create an app in 48 Hours, and I like this kind of challenge. I like the moment of happiness than come with it (as well as the frustration ones :/). I like hanging in IRC and see what the others are doing, and it’s really a good time to sharpen your coding skills.

This year project, Launch[api/analytics?]

This year will be different from previous years. I’ve got a good idea I think. Something that might be useful to a lot of developers.

The name is not really decided yet, it could be launchapi or launchanalytics, or both …

Basically, when we want to launch a web application, there is always a phase of Beta. This can be a closed beta or an open beta.

When it comes to managing those invites, and making useful analytics of them, when always find our self reinventing the wheel.

So my idea is to create an api and a dashboard that will manage the invite system for the developers. The api will takes care of the invite-redeem-registration system, and the dashboard will creates nice and comprehensible results.

In the dashboard, you will be able to:

  • Manage the invites
  • See reports and graphs of number of invites vs amount of registrations.
  • Manage what I’m calling funnels and streams.

Funnels and streams are, I think, a really nice touch.

Your funnel will be used to direct the streams of your invites.

For example you can create a funnel Social Media, and have an different invite code for your twitter feed, your Facebook page and your blog. So you can track which stream is driving more attraction in your audience.

You will be able to create stream with limited invites. Let says you create a Blogger funnel. Your stream will be different bloggers, that will be able to invite their readers with an unique invite code. This invite code will give them a certain number of available invites. The report will shows you which blogger as the best virality.

To me, that sounds like a lot of fun and a good idea, we will see what the judges think about it ;)

So, and after the Rumble?

Well, this year, I am really thinking about keeping the application lives after the rumble, and because that is an application targeted for developers, I assumed that I will have a nice output of what they think about it.

What I want to add, after the Rumble is a third part to application, like a Launch Hub, where beta application developers can promote their creation, and users will be able to request an invite (using the API obviously).

So, wait and see. It should be live and running in a little bit more than 48 Hours from now ;).