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Tutorhub is a web application I’ve been working on during a few month as part of the Jiva Technology team, when I was contracting with them.
The public version has been release a few weeks back, and is now gaining in popularity among tutors and children.

What is it?

Tutorhub position itself between the private face to face tutoring and the classic forum where you would go asking for questions when stuck during your homework.
Problem with private session is you’ll need to wait the tutor to be available for you, and you’ll have to pay a certain fee. Problem with forums is that your question can stay here without any answers for ages, or even worst beeing answer incorrectly.
So the Jiva guys came with this “in between” solution, where:

  1. You ask your question online
  2. Tutorhub presents to you a selection of online available tutors
  3. You pick the one you want
  4. It fires a one to one chat session with a experienced tutor, ready to answer.

The work that the Jiva Technology team did is amazing, the result is a really slick and user friendly app, easy to use, and I have no doubt that success is round the corner!

Some videos

If you want to have an introduction of what is tutorhub, they’ve realeased 2 videos for you:

The student version

The tutor version