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GTD With Free Action List Behance Replica

Yesterday I came accross Behance products and I specialy liked the action pad.

$8.00 per pad is not to bad, so I went to buy a pack of 2, but the shipping to UK was more than $30! No way I’d pay twice the product price just in shipping, for some paper pad.

So I just open Inkscape and created few SVG that would match my needs in terms of space and number of action per page.

And I have to say, I quite like them, they looks really nice on my desk

My desk with my replica

The page is a list of 20 actions, with on the left a large pixel dotted freezone.
On the top you have some space for some text + reference and date of the page.
It’s available in 3 colors, just help yourself.

Ho, I would suggest that you save the svg file to your disk and open it with Inkscape or similar to print it. I’ve tried to print directly from the browser and the result is not that good.

Click on the image to access the svg or right click, save as …

Blue version

Blue version

Blue version