First week for the weekly roundup, a good mix between technical and business posts:

10 TED talks for entrepreneurs, I truly appreciated the talks selection on this list. To me, that was a good way to start the year!

Gary Vaynerchuk talks, well, talking about motivation, is anyone better than Gary Vaynerchuk to motivate you? I enjoyed watching Gary RailsConf 2010 Talk and his web 2.0 expo talk.

Why I feel like a fraud, this one I found it in my last Hacker Monthly. This is something I’ve been talking with friends for a few months now, and it has been a revelation to spot that I wasn’t alone. I’ll soon develop this point in a complete post, but this article is definitively a must read.

Ruby on Rails 3 Cheat Sheets, certainly the most up-to-date and attractive Rails Cheat Sheets on the web.

Amazon developer app store is live. I feel like a new “app store” opens every 2 days., S4 is a distributed stream computing platform that was open-sourced by Yahoo! under the Apache 2.0 license. I haven’t played with it yet, but will soon!

Rip hashrocket, a seriously good looking comic blog post about the death of the well known ruby Hashrocket (=>) in favor of the wider used more standard colon in Ruby 1.9.

Heroky TOS changes, the hacker way, how can a company do everything right all the time! Those guys are so amazing that they can make a TOS change attractive!

Font In Use, good looking typography website showing fonts in real use.

Made By One, last but not least, I love the idea behind this blog. Interviewing solo developers, a bit on the same way as usethis target on the gears side of things. I hope Mubashar (creator of Made By One) will continue his post series soon.

That’s all for this week, you now can close your browser and return to a normal activity.