Creating and distributing presentations on the web, a useful article on Smashing Magazine. Sure it’ll be useful to people attending the #brug.

Vim Recipes, nice ebook for Vim beginner or medium users of Vim. I found some useful tricks in it.

Google starts charging for prediction API, a must to try.

How to make your shopping cart suck less, once again The oatmeal has it all right.

Oh my zsh, super mega useful collection of templates and functions for starting with zsh.

Rush, Ruby unix shell, I’ve just moved to zsh, don’t make me change again :D.

Programming innocence, how can you regain your programming innocence once it has been lost?

Firebug compatible with Firefox 4b beta, if you’re running the last beta of Firefox 4, you’ll be please to learn the there is a compatible firebug branch!

That’s all for this week, you now can close your browser and return to a normal activity.